Alexandra Conover Bennett

Alexandra Conover Bennett

“I have spent most of my adult life teaching people in the wilds and leading people in the outdoors, both summer and winter. A Master Maine Guide since 1978, I have travelled thousands of miles by canoe and snowshoes in the north country of New England and Canada. I love the wild natural places, people; their stories, their art, their magic, and I love music.”

Alexandra Conover (Bennett) is a legend in Maine. She has over 30 years of experience leading professional canoe and snowshoeing trips in Maine & Canada, including Labrador. She has been invited to teach in both Japan and the U.K., teaching both paddle making and classic paddling and poling techniques for which she has become well–known. She takes great pleasure in passing along much of what she has been taught by northeastern North American elders in the arts of woods living, travel skills and shamanic ways.

Alexandra doesn’t just lead people into the wilderness, she LIVES in the wilderness. She has lived along the Big Wilson Stream for over 20 years, with a majority of that time having been spent in a year–round tent. It is not uncommon to find her away on a solo trip deep in the Maine Woods.

She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the coveted Maine Conservation Award from the Natural Resources Council. Governors and Legislators have sought her counsel on environmental impact issues in Maine. She is a founding member of the Maine Wilderness Guides Organization and Teens To Trails.


Accordion Lessons

• Piano accordion, beginner–intermediate level
• Irish, Scottish, Contra Dance tunes; jigs, reels, waltzes
• Finnish-American & traditional Finnish dance music
room full of instrumentsRates:
$30/hr. $20/45 min.
$120 for 4, 1-hr. lessons
$80. For 4, 45 min. lessons
Accordions available. Also available for Autoharp lessons. $20/hr.


Music Gigs

Finn Hall Dances

band2015 Finn Hall Dances
Rte 15, Monson, Maine
7:30-10-30PM, Saturday nights
$8/person, family rates

Dancing at the Finn Hall — Join the family fun at our Saturday night dances at the lovely Finn Hall in Monson, Maine. Learn to dance traditional Finnish polkas, schottisches, novelty dances and waltzes. On contra evenings dance to Maine’s top callers and live bands swinging you through the evening with balance & swing, do-si-do, ladies’ chain — all easy to learn.
6:15 to 7:15 pm — Free pre–dance lessons with professional instructors Mike & Rosario Levinsky. Check for exact dates and times.
7:30-10:30pm dancing. Coffee room for relaxing. Great bullas on most nights (sweet Finnish coffee rolls), homemade desserts and delicious coffee. Finn Hall is located on Rte. 15, 2 miles south of Monson.

halfWayHomeHalf Way Home — New acoustic, indie & traditional folk, and originals with sweet harmonies from three lively musicians: Kermit Bennett (mandolin & guitar, vocals), Alexandra Conover Bennett (accordion, autoharp, vocals) and Dick Dutson (guitar, banjo, vocals). Available for parties, coffeehouses, restaurants pubs. Performing every Thursday, 6–9pm Open Mic,, Monson, Maine. Visit Half Way Home on Facebook.

Info: Alexandra, 207–997–3639

Kermit & Alexandra

Alexandra and Kermit
This lively vocal duo entertain you on accordion, guitar, mandolin and autoharp. Kermit & Alexandra specialize in performing original songs, Celtic jigs and reels, Finnish dance music, popular 1960–70’s songs, and ballads from the woods of Maine. They also play current folk songs and lead group sing–alongs.

Kermit has played in coffeehouses and clubs in the New England area since his teens, His love of rock n roll, blues, country and folk has brought him to Alaska, California and Nashville. His travels have given him a rich library of experience that is reflected in his songwriting, and highlighted by his creatively skilled guitar and mandolin playing.

Alexandra comes from the town hall contra dance scene and New England Folk Festival venues, performing at the Northwest Folk Festival in Seattle, the Labrador Creative Arts Festival, and studying folk dance music in Finland. She has been the Finn Dance accordionist in Monson, Maine for over a decade.

Kermit & Alexandra’s music is inspired from living and working in the Great North Woods. Their harmonic vocals, upbeat personalities and professionalism are a fixture at local venues near their hometown in rural Maine.

Inquire for rates. Music lessons available.

“Their voices blend beautifully…”

Contact: Kermit & Alexandra at 207–997–3639 or

Two excellent Monson, Maine restaurants where they often play:
Check out Rebekah’s Sunday Music series and her Thursday pm open mike w/featured musicians
Just call Mike & Kim and they’ll let you know when they’re playing. 207–997–7025


Shamanic work

Frogwoods — handmade drums, staffs, walking sticks, rattles, ceremonial bags and wildcrafted smudging mixture. See also NWW Products for sale.

Woodspirit : Journeys for body and soul

Terry Morgan, Earth Light Healing
Jennifer Neptune