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North Woods Ways

Garrett Conover and Alexandra Conover Bennett, founders of North Woods Ways, are internationally recognized guides from Willimantic and Elliottsville, Maine respectively. Since 1980, they have earned a reputation for quality wilderness trips and instruction. They have specialized in multi–day canoe and snowshoe trips, leading and teaching thousands of outdoor enthusiasts from the United States and many other countries. Now they are more often in the role of instructors though they still make time to lead multi–day winter trips.

They are co-authors of Snow Walker’s Companion, now regarded as a classic for winter living and camping skills. Garrett is author of Beyond the Paddle. His first fiction, Kristen’s Wilderness, won Maine’s Lupine Book Award as well as three others.

They are the recipients of several awards which include the 1997 Natural ResourceAlexandra paddling toward a moose Council of Maine “Conservation Award”, and finalists for the “Caring for the Earth Award” (Quebec–Labrador Foundation/Atlantic Center for the Environment). Yankee Magazine listed them amongst “Sixty People Who make New England New England” and in 1999 Outside Magazine profiled them (with five others) as “20th Century Heroes for a New Millennium”.

Garrett & Alexandra radiate an inspirational connectedness to the landscapes and northern people whose skills they have been studying and practicing for more than thirty years.

After three decades plus, of guiding year–round wilderness trips, North Woods Ways has transformed into each of us teaching workshops, both here and abroad. Reaching out to all ages, we are passing along some of the time–honored skills that we have been privileged to learn and share.


Winter months, we can be found instructing locally and abroad, (see Woodsmoke, Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival), engaged in photography & writing (Garrett), composing and performing music, crafting paddles, drums & such for Frogwoods (Alexandra). Garrett is available to present slide shows and give workshops. Alexandra is currently guiding Woodspirit and also teaches workshops.

The following are links to schools with whom we currently guide or instruct. You'll see why North Woods Ways and they are such a good fit. Try some of their courses and guided trips!

Woodsmoke: Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival courses & trips, Windermere, Cumbria, UK

North House Folk School — traditional northern craft school, Grand Marais, MN.

Lure of the North — traditional winter travel, crafts and skills, Sudbury, ON.

Song in the Woods — backcountry dogsledding adventures, Maine, USA.

Please visit this North Woods Ways website often, as well as Facebook, for current offerings.

Feel free to call or write us at North Woods Ways, 2293 Elliotsville Rd. Willimantic, Maine 04443 (207) 997-3723 or by email.